Toolings for producing plastic parts and Hardware components are required necessarily for OEM 

custom solutions with cable custom wiring assembly, it determines the structure, appreance and      mechanical performance of finished item, sometimes it also meets the requirements of high level waterproof.

2.Plastic Parts

We are able to design the initial model with 3D printing technology, after analyzing DFM report of tooling, then make samples by injection molding.

3.Auto Switch

Our on-off push button switch with OEM fitment style are widely used for Japanese car models upgrding in functional accessories, such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Ford etc., rocker switch series items are mainly used for power manging of devices equiped on 4X4 Offroad, Boats, UTV, ATV.

4.Automotive performance wire harness

Automotive performance wire harnss are widely used in upgrading projects of Amplifiers, Lighting system, Engine, Cooling systems and other electrical systems.

5.Automotive diagnostic cable

This series cable is mainly applied to correct automotive error code, also as adapter extension cable with supplying extral interface for performance devices.

6.Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication Cables are mainly used for data and signal transmission with Medical Devices and Construction Machines

7.Power Cables

Power Cables are used for charging EV with different adapter outlets, to make EV charging available in national regular.

8.Waterproof industrial cable series

The waterproof industrial cable usually requests high level of waterproof performance, the process of overmolding in cable wiring assembly solution is the main part.

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